texas zombie girl and all her shinies
texas zombie girl and all her shinies

Sunday, March 22, 2009

it's alive!!!!

Last year, when I went back to El Paso for my birthday, Naomi made a luscious spiral seedbead necklace for her mom.  It was just to die for.  After I got back, she talked me through how to make one myself, minus the bead accent she was able to put in it.  So I started making this spiral seed bead rope.  And making it.  Longer.  and longer.  and longer.  Put some green in it, and kept going.  Finally one day I looked at it and went, "hmm, what in the world am I going to do with this?"  It was too big to just make it into a bracelet the way it was, but too small to make it a necklace, so I played with it.  In the end, I doubled over one side and thought it looked pretty cool.  I grabbed my Fireline and started beading the sides of it together, and here you see the final outcome.  

*~*DISCLAIMER*~* If you are a professional beader, remember *I am not* lol.  Also, I did this design completely on a whim, no books or patterns.  If some one out there has done this same exact thing then kudos to you.  Just don't accuse me of stealing, k?

View from the top:

Views from the inside sitting first on one side then the other to show the curve of the beads:

Beauty shot:

On me wrist :):

The two balls on the ends are made from large pearls that I netted seed beads onto.  I first hooked the two sides together using the green seed beads, then went back over them in the same style as the fringe bracelets I have shown you before.  I think it is done.  It hasn't spoken as loudly as my rosary necklace still is, so I do believe this freakenstein is finito.

Can I be honest when I say, quite frankly, I am proud of this piece.  It really is pretty from up close.  Once again, as always and forever, thanks to Naomi for taking the time to show me how to do the rope in the first place.  You rock :)!

So, opinion time.  What do you think?  



  1. Well holy hell!!! That's great!!! Netted pearls even...too fancy for my blood. It's great Pen, really. Very pretty, and very clever....funny how sometimes too much turns out to be just right??!!!

    Love it!!!

  2. And, this retails for??????

    Penny, this is beautiful!!!

    I love the colors!


  3. I love IT!!! You should send a couple of the photos to Michele Mach, editor of Interweave's I am Beading Daily, online. They were writing about spiral just the other day! I think it is unique and very lovely! I am so impressed I know someone who can seed bead so beautifully!

    Jean! xox

  4. Found it, you have some beautiful jewelry. Thanks for sharing. Love that rolled beaded necklace you just made.

  5. Wow, that is truly amazing. I'll never understand how you beaders do that! :-))


  6. Stunning. That is so cool. I want one.

    We had a lovely Cinco de Mayo (sp?). I tried to make her come on that day, but she is a free spirit and decided to come on the day she wanted. Today! She's at Disney today. I'm jealous.