texas zombie girl and all her shinies
texas zombie girl and all her shinies

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a finished piece?

I am basically finished with my rosary necklace. Why basically? Well, I just don't think it is done *talking* to me yet. It's missing something, I just don't know what yet. I do want to get some of the crosses that Naomi used on the necklace she made, maybe adding a few to this one. I need to find out where she got them first lol.

Here is the pic of the "finished" necklace. I apologize for the washed out colors:

I used four different beads: silver grey and brown Swarovski crystals, Czech purple/clear rondells and lantern beads and silver grey round beads. I did all the wire work with 24 gauge craft wire. I'd rather used silver, but have you seen prices lately?? Holy moly!

This is the double sided pendant that Naomi made. One side is the heart of Jesus and the other is Jesus. She does such stunning work and makes the soldering look so easy. This is the reason I sent her a few pendants I made for her to do the solder work on. Maybe I will see them again some day...maybe...~wink wink~

If any one out there who happens to read this has an idea of how to make this necklace "shut up" as it were haha, let me know, k?
Last but not least is a bracelet I threw together for fun. Turquoise (naturally), stamped silver, and a piece of Carnelian and green Garnet.

So, there you go. Thanks for taking a gander at my wares :).


  1. Picking my jaw off the floor!

    Your bead work is BEAUTIFUL! I love your choice of colors!

    Love it!

  2. Public ridicule does nothing to speed up my lazy ass. I'll solder 'em when I solder 'em.

    I'm hoping to catch up on many things once this semester is over. You've been without them for over a year....you'll keep for a few more months.

    Really beautiful piece...but I think you're right. Still talking. I have no idea what crosses you speak of......send me a pic.


  3. I think it needs a couple of hangy-like things (like on the catholic guilt necklace Naomi made me) but in any case, Penny, it's gorgeous!

    What a long way you've come. I'm so proud.



  4. I agree mom. I'll probably just use a few of the crosses and medallions from the crystal rosary necklace Gnome made and see how it looks. It needs...*something* lol!

    Take care of you!



  5. BTW, thank you for the compliment! I couldn't have done it without Gnome's tutelage and your encouragement :)!