texas zombie girl and all her shinies
texas zombie girl and all her shinies

Thursday, June 4, 2009

felted celly purse

Another work in progress.  Actually, this is my beaded "frankenfelt" celly purse.  I'm just adding seedbeads and glass and crystal to it just to see what happens lol.

Used a snap on it...

With my celly inside...

By the time I am done, this may be one big beaded bag lol.

Again, opinions?



  1. Penny: Do you still make and sell these items? You may want to consider an ad on the 50th Celebration site....let me know if you'd like some addtional information. Harry Asmussen harry@ahs-eagles.org

  2. Totally cute and fuzzy!! Awesome.
    Its a purse you can spoon at night. :D