texas zombie girl and all her shinies
texas zombie girl and all her shinies

Monday, February 23, 2009

finally...something new!

I finally had an opportunity this past weekend to do some beadwork and this is what is starting to manifest itself in my bead cubby.

Naomi made a gorgeous rosary necklace a while back that I wear often. That is where I got the inspiration to start on this one. Some pretty czech glass beads, Swarovski crystal, one of Naomi's beautiful pendants (which I have now offically run out of *sad sad sigh*), and wirewrapping for miles. I hope it turns out as pretty in life as it is in my head.

When it is done, I will post pics of it again. Maybe I will wear it, maybe I will sell it (haha), maybe I will give it away, maybe it will live out it's life on my wall o' bling. Who knows? I just love making em :).


1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm. Out of tiles huh? A sad and pathetic ploy for more....

    Maybe there's a box almost ready to go....maybe not. We'll see.

    Maybe if you post on this thing more than once a quarter the box'll get there faster.

    That's right...I said box'll.